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Weight Loss for Men – 5 Most Common Mistakes

Roar for weight loss, that is. In today’s society, a lot of men are now focused on losing weight and building muscle. This is a fact: men are more capable of losing weight than women because of their muscle mass which plays a huge contribution on burning calories. However, as fast as men are able to lose weight, they’re also capable of gaining them back in an instant. Even though there are so many programs that cater to weight loss for men, it’s still a matter of preference and how you persevere all throughout.

But apart from perseverance, we also commit these most common mistakes when it comes to shedding extra pounds and no one’s excused:

Mistake 1 – All strength no cardio:

Men like hitting the gym because it’s a place to build muscles and look like Randy Couture or Arnold Schwarzenegger. The real mistake here is that 8 out of 10 men who do strength training DON’T DO CARDIO. While strength training contributes to burning calories, cardio contributes a large part in burning more fat than your weight training. Real weight loss for men should involve building muscle and burning fat AT THE SAME TIME.

Mistake 2 – Unwanted skipping:

Skipping meals can contribute to cravings rather than helping men lose weight. If you skip lunch, there’s a 90% chance that you’ll EAT MORE for dinner and since you’re not doing any physical activity at night, those calories are just going to turn into fat. Try eating small meals all throughout the day instead of LARGE meals. Missing out on diet can also lead to unwanted problems, like sudden hair loss.

Mistake 3 – No GOALS:

Weight loss without setting goals is like cake without icing. If you don’t have a clear grasp of what you want to achieve, then you’ll never figure out what you need to do to lose weight. In a video I watched about weight loss, Dan mentioned this mistake.

Mistake 4 – Not KNOWING WHY:

Admit it, you’re doing this program and that diet because someone told you to do so. This is the most common mentality being driven by fancy gym instructors and this is similar to driving blindfolded. You should know the reason why you’re doing this program and why you’re on this diet because you’re putting your body at risk for injuries and sickness. Get the lowdown on what the program really is about and don’t let people talk you into joining one if they don’t even know what it’s for. If you want to get into wellness, you’ll want to sign up for Nexus Wellness Malaysia.

Mistake 5 – Stagnant activity:

Men who exercise only to end up sitting on the sofa watching the ball game and drinking beer will never get anywhere. Every program that’s designed for weight loss for men is capable of letting you enjoy more physical activities like sports. You can’t build muscle and lose weight just by hitting the gym.

Now that you know the most common mistakes, it’s time for you to avoid these and start on your weight loss journey NOW. For a fun-filled workout and healthy diet plan, check out Dan’s weight loss video that’s packed with a lot of common sense and the best weight loss advice ever.

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