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Tom Colton explains the beauty of Spiritual Weddings

Marriage is one of the most important milestones of a person’s life. It is the symbol of commitment towards your beloved, a foundation of a relationship to last a lifetime. It is the declaration of your adoration towards your spouse and the announcement of the same to the whole world. It is the open manifestation of your profound love for your partner, a representation of the promise of faith you make towards them.  It is the start to an eternal bond with a person you love, a person with whom you share your sorrows and joys with, who holds your hand through success and failures and provides you with their unfaltering companionship at every step. By stepping into the institution of marriage you decide to share your whole life with someone. Thus, your wedding is one of the most significant and defining moments of your life.

Let you wedding define your spirits, says Tom Colton

Each one of you is your own person. You have your own thoughts, ideals, faith and belief. Being such an important event of your life, your wedding should also reflect the ideals you have. Weddings are usually conformed to the rituals performed in accordance to the different religions. While there is nothing wrong with that, there are many people in this world do not hold the same belief on a higher power.  For them, marriage is a spiritual union and therefore should be centered on the desires of the two people involved, rather than to be dictated by religious norms. Tom Colton is a Minister who seconds this thought. Being an officiant from the Ireland Spiritualist Union, he talks about how a Spiritual wedding gives a couple full freedom to design their special day in accordance to their wishes. They get to choose the music surrounds them, as they say their chosen vows. Creation of the ceremony with you and for you is the essence of a spiritual wedding.

During these milestone events of a person life, they tend to miss the ones they have lost even more. The ones who could not be there witness their special day and whose wishes they shall never get. But by a spiritual ceremony, one has the chance to remember them and invite them from the spirit world. One of the vital beliefs of Spiritualism is that one can connect with their deceased loved ones, who are now living in the spirit world. Candles are lit up besides the photographs of their loved ones, asking for their wishes from the world beyond.

According to Tom Colton, in a Spiritual weddings the couple full freedom to incorporate the words having a special significance to both of them into the ceremony and designing meaningful vows which resonates with them.  Each person is different, each couple and their relationships are different. The beauty of these weddings lies in celebrating the uniqueness of each relationship. These weddings are a blank slate on which a couple can write the essence of their love story.

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