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Maritime Accident

Tips on Speedy Recovery after Getting Caught in a Maritime Accident

Compared to most traditional jobs, working on the open seas allows for more adventure while earning money at the same time. You can visit different countries when your ship docks and live a life of adventure and travel.

Being seaborne most of the time doesn’t make you immune from being caught in an accident. Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. Your ship may have collided with a huge rock, or perhaps an approaching ship collided with yours, thus causing a maritime accident that resulted in you getting injured and being confined to your ship’s sick bay.

To help you get back on your feet,

Here are some tips on how to attain a speedy recovery after getting caught in a maritime accident:

  1. Get an adequate amount of rest.

You may have been raring to get back to work as you feel that the time that you’re spending in your ship’s sick bay bed could be better spent helping your crewmates out.

  • However, putting a premature strain on your body can slow your entire recovery process down, which can force you to spend even more time in your ship’s sick bay.
  • For faster recovery, you should get plenty of rest until you’re cleared by your ship’s doctor to go back to your usual daily routine on board.
  1. Undergo physical and occupational therapy.

The injuries that you sustained after getting caught in a maritime accident may have been so severe that doing simple tasks like standing up and holding objects might have turned into cumbersome tasks that take hours for you to do.

  • A huge part of your daily routine on board a ship involves moving around, so you should undergo physical therapy where you’ll be taught how to walk again slowly but surely.
  • You’ll also have to undergo occupational therapy where you’ll be taught the basic skills that you’ll need once you get back on board your ship for work.
  1. Seek help from a psychiatrist.

The maritime accident that you were caught in may have resulted in not only physical but also mental trauma.

To help you get rid of the post-traumatic stress disorder that you’re experiencing after getting caught in a maritime accident, you should visit a psychiatrist once you’re back in your home country. Your psychiatrist may use a host of methods ranging from the usual one-on-one couch sessions to alternative techniques like self-hypnosis, all depending on the severity of the mental trauma that you experienced as a result of your maritime accident.

Marine Insight has listed at least 12 types of maritime accidents that can happen to anyone working in the open seas. Regardless as to which of those 12 types you’ve experienced, a maritime accident that leaves you injured might force you to stay in your ship’s sick bay. With the above-listed tips on how to attain a speedy recovery, you can catch up with the rest of your crewmates who are out on land.

If your ship’s currently docked in New Orleans, you might also want to contact a lawyer who can help you explore your legal options after getting caught in a maritime accident so that you’ll be justly compensated for the injuries that you sustained.

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