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Tips on How to Get Your Fractures to Heal Faster

Whatever kind of accident you were involved in, you may have sustained some bone fractures that resulted in a hospital stay and rendered you mostly unable to move. The problem with having bone fractures is that they usually take three to 12 weeks to heal normally. If three to 12 weeks of very little or even no movement at all sounds like too much wasted time for you, you can get your fractures to heal faster by doing the following tips:

  1. Eat foods that are rich in calcium.

You’ve heard it before, whether in school when you were still a kid or in any of those dairy product TV ads: Calcium strengthens your bones. Now more than ever, with fractures that are getting in the way of your life, you should increase your daily calcium intake so that your bones heal faster.

  • If you aren’t lactose-intolerant, now’s the time to make fresh milk a constant part of your daily routine. You may have to cut down on drinking coffee, though, as caffeine strips away some of the calcium from your bones.
  • Aside from fresh milk, other foods that are rich in calcium include but aren’t limited to green leafy vegetables, sardines (as long as they’ve still got bones), and salmon.
  1. Reduce your intake of salt.

Aside from coffee, another staple in your daily food intake that you’ll have to cut down on is salt. The hospital food that your nurse usually serves you may not be to your liking at all, but no one’s bringing you home-cooked meals, so you probably thought of asking for some packets of table salt to add a bit of flavor to a bland meal. You’ll have to limit the amount of salt that you put on your food, though, to less than half a teaspoon a day, as sodium removes some of the calcium from your bones, too.

You should also go easy on eating salty foods and opt for low-sodium or “no salt added” options instead.

Bone-health 3.Start doing light exercises that won’t further fracture your bones.

You may be mostly immobile after sustaining bone fractures from an accident, but it doesn’t mean that you should spend your entire day doing nothing but staring at the window near your hospital bed or watching TV. As long as you can make even a few extremely limited movements, you should do some light exercises to get your blood flowing which can help speed up your bones’ recovery process.

But, if you doubt that you can do any exercise at all as your bone fractures might be too severe, you should consult a physical rehabilitation professional who can provide you with a set of exercises that are tailor-fit for your situation.

Take Good Care of Your Bones

Your bones serve as the internal framework of your body as they provide support and protect your vital organs. When your bones get fractured after getting caught in an accident, they aren’t able to do those said functions as efficiently. Thus, you’ll want to follow the above-listed tips on how to get any fractures that you sustained after getting caught in an accident faster so that you can move without experiencing any internal pain at all in less time than normally expected.

Once your fractures have healed fully, you should then see a lawyer who can help you file a compensation claim against whoever caused your accident to happen, as your medical and hospital bills won’t pay themselves.

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