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Streamline Business Transaction with Online EDI Solutions

To standardize the process of receiving and sending orders, you can choose an integrated EDI system. A web-based EDI solution is tailored to accommodate the needs of the business by further enhancing the connectivity between trading partners, and cost-effectively handle a growing volume of EDI transactions.

Online EDI resides “in the cloud” and it eliminates the need to back up data or install new software. One can take advantage of online EDI to create, receive, turn around, and manage electronic documents using a web browser. All business transactions can be electronically executed enabling you to process orders and invoices by connecting it to the Internet.

An integrated online EDI solution makes it easy and affordable to seamlessly improve your transactions to comply with the customer’s  EDI requirements. It further streamlines the entire document process that includes purchase orders and sales, enhancing order communications with your warehouse.

Enjoy a Robust, Affordable, Easy-to-Use Online EDI Solution:

Your business documents can be easily and quickly transformed into a human-readable format with a online EDI translator that is integrated with your online accounting solution. There are many EDI providers and vendors who offer intuitive interface and flexible configuration options to minimize manual data entry, which maximizes business efficiency to build customer satisfaction.

You can conduct business entirely “in the cloud” and add web-based EDI labeling to improve connectivity with the customers. It further enables the recipient to quickly identify route and track your shipment.

Sales and Purchase Order Integration Simplifies Processes:

You can choose online EDI integration solution to reduce time spent on manually generating documents. Let’s have a look at how automating multiple processes will streamline your business:

  • Create sales orders and invoices from inbound purchase orders
  • Send outbound invoices quickly and easily
  • Integrate credit memos, adding value by electronically combining your invoices paid within QuickBooks

Advanced Process Control Eliminates Transaction Errors:

After the customer required data is entered correctly, you will receive notifications, alerting you of invalid fields prior to executing outbound transactions.

The items on incoming orders, such as unit price, are automatically verified and are matched to your QuickBooks data. Both customer ID and item number fields need to be validated. Automated safeguards help to obviate the charge-back and cut back order turnaround time. Transaction Manager ensures that all EDI documents delivered to your customers are complete.

Cost Effective and Scalable Solution Promotes Growth of Your Business:

Being a cost-effective and scalable option, you can experience a great growth of your business. If you want to update your ERP or accounting package, you can do the same by quickly switching your business system for an alternative accounting solution.

In many cases, the greatest EDI benefits come at the strategic business level. It enables real time visibility into transaction status, which in turn contributes to faster decision-making and improved responsiveness to changing customer and market demands. It also reduces the lead times for product improvement and new product delivery. At the same time, it paves the way for one to enter new territories and markets.

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