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Simple installation guide for your wall display cases

It is evident that wall display cases gives many store owners a nifty platform in which they could proudly display their products on without taking up valuable floor space. Whether you have small items, large items in small and big numbers, you will definitely need to have some wall display cases and if you agree, here is how you can get to installing them on your wall quickly and hassle-free.

Weighing your options

Most wall display cases come with those rectangular piece of metal called shelf standards that are designed to be screwed into your wall which then helps to provide support for your wall display cases. Following this option, you will be able to easily adjust the height of your wall display cases as well as how far out you think that it should be protruding out.

The other option you will have is just by using screws and then literally screwing your wall display cases to the wall. Naturally you lose the flexibility of moving your shelf around according to your needs from time to time but this route is often much simpler, cheaper and faster to perform. The path you ultimately choose should be based on your specific requirements such as the items you are trying to promote and whether it is a permanent or temporary display.

Actual installation of the shelf

Once you’ve decided upon whether you’d be installing flexible or permanent wall display cases, you should now try to determine the best spot in the wall that you want to perform the installation of the case on. Most walls inside homes or offices are dry walls and you will need to check where the studs are because those will be the part of the wall that is strongest and most stable.

Once you have determined the location, it is now time to drill holes for the screws that you will need to fix the wall display cases in place. Once done with the drilling, fit the shelf right near the holes and then proceed to screw them in with industrial strength screws. You would not want to use regular screws because they are less sturdy and may snap at any time, causing your wall display cases and whatever products on them for display to come crashing down to the floor.

The fact is that wall display cases are very easy to install and it shouldn’t take you more than a few hours even if you are completely new at installing them.

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