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Salwar Kameez: An Introduction

The salwar kameez is considered to be a fashionable wear among good number of women population in India. This is also a traditional dress that has been modernized by the current set of fashion designers. The modern dresses are not only beautiful and attractive, but also trendy and can be easily worn for casual, shopping or on occasions. Wearing the perfectly fitting, suitable coloured matching salwar kameez is sure to enhance the beauty and elegance of the person. It is also regarded to be among the most easy to wear, comfortable and admirable outfit loved by ladies of all ages.

Increasing popularity

The truth is, the outfit is well liked by both occasional and regular wears, mostly due to its ease of use and mass appeal. Women just love to wear this apparel and increase their existing wardrobe collection. It is also popularly worn in other Asian countries as well as the western world. Women across the globe are simply fascinated with this outfit. With time, salwar kameez outfits have evolved immensely. Several versions of the best salwar kameez online can be availed to suit personal preference. They are often termed as ‘Punjabi suits’, since the outfit is mostly worn by Punjabi ladies.

Know the sections

Such suits are available in three exciting sections, with two amongst the three being salwar and kameez, with the third one being the dupatta.

  • Salwar: It is known as a loose pajama, appearing similar to that of a trouser. Its bottom is narrow, with a wide top. In Salwars, there are wide legs that taper towards the ankles. Carrying traditional salwars are easy and does offer the wearer with sufficient space to move freely, unlike that of saree.
  • Kameez: It is also called the kurta and is the set’s top part. It is a shirt that flows knee length and is also stated as a tunic. It is worn above the salwar or churidar. Several changes have been made to the kurtas and kameez with regards to its length. However, the length has been maintained until the knees. Usually, the side seams are left open, thus offering the wearer with great freedom for making movements. The designer is noticed to experiment in this area and use his expertise and creativity and work in the front and neckline region.
  • Dupatta: This is termed as a shawl and long scarf. It is either a designer or plain piece and worn across the neck. Final touch is given by the dupatta to the suits’ overall grace and appearance. It also fulfils the ensemble, while providing huge thought and consideration prior to buying the set of the best salwar kameez online. Previously, it was placed over the head, to cover it and pay respect towards the elders or while performing religious ceremonies. Presently, it has become fashionable and can be draped across the chest or hanged on the shoulder region.

Knowing about the salwar kameez and identifying the reputed and the best online shopping portal can help the shopper to choose the right type and colourful, matching salwar kameez.

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