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Peter Max explains the elements of Pop Art

Pop Art is a form of expressing the daily mundane aspects and objects of life into the canvas.  The soda cans from which we drink to the sensational singer we see on our screen, it is all of them who are showcased in the pop art works.  The presentation of everything ordinary is what makes the pop art so unique. Taking out objects from our daily lives, putting them under creative lenses and providing them with a splash of colors is what a Pop Artist does. He also provides a different take on those images; it is not just a mere replica. Each of these painting holds the thought conveyed by the artist.

Delve into Pop Art with Peter Max

While the traditional art forms portrayed the themes of religions, mythology and royalty, the concept of pop culture is hugely deviated from those topics. This contemporary art form is heavily inspired from mass culture and mass media. Pop art is inspired by the masses and is made for the masses.

Being a much younger art form, the materials used in this style are also derived from the much newer technology. An eminent artist of pop art, Peter Max explains that the usage of foam rubber, acrylic and polyester is widely found to be used in this art form.  He says that just like any other art form, pop art also has several key elements defining its essence.  The few of those are:

  • Inspired from daily life: Being recognizable by the masses is one of the vital aspect pop art.  Its themes should be inspired from the day to day facets of one’s life rather than to be derived from some abstract element. Anything relating to the popular culture could be showcased on its canvas. From television shows to movies, from advertisements to popular brands, recent trends to political change, any popular contemporary event could be presented through Pop Art.
  • Providing a different context: Pop Art doesn’t just blandly replicate the elements present in the popular culture, but they also give them their own creative twist. Sarcastic social commentary and giving a fun take on mundane objects is common for pop artists.
  • Usage of vibrant colors: The usages of bold and vivid colors are what first attract Pop Art pieces to all. It makes those art pieces extremely eye catching and difficult to ignore. These colors increases the fun element presented in this art. No one likes to watch all things bland. The colorful elements make those pictures exceptionally pleasing to the eye.
  • Unique Humor: Pop Art has its unique humor which adds to its charm. They are fun and quirky, sending important messages with an entertaining element.

Having involved with Pop art for over a year, Peter Max expresses that he only showcases the things which appeal to him by their beauty and benefit. He likes to choose projects with beautiful energy and high usefulness. He is fond of blending commercial and artistic aspects with his creativity and making a product that hold mass appeal.

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