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Looking to Propose Marriage? 5 Unique Ideas to Guarantee the Right Response

Traditionally, when a man proposes marriage to a woman, it is a special occasion, and for many men, it is the most stressful of experiences. It is perfectly natural to have doubts, and one way to ensure the right answer is to come up with a unique way to pop that most important question, and with that in mind, here are some special ideas on how to propose to your sweetheart.

  1. Arrange a Flash Mob – Flash mobs are all the rage at the moment and there’s no better way to pop the question than arranging for a team of dancers to perform. Rather than going through the hassle of arranging this, you can ask a professional proposal organiser to handle the entire project, and along with many other romantic proposal ideas, the flash mob proposal has to be ranked up there with the very best.
  2. The Balloon Proposal – If carried out properly, this one is guaranteed to elicit the right response, and it works like this. You and your fiancée will be walking along the street when you will suddenly come across an attractive gift box that is sitting directly on the pavement in front of you, and with your encouragement, she will carefully lift the lid and to her surprise, a balloon will float up with that all important question. This requires a lot of planning, and the best way to ensure the right result is to enlist the help of a proposal company, who can be found with an online search.
  3. The Picnic Proposal – As we all know, the British weather can be very unpredictable, and with a choice of indoor or outdoor, you can have a perfect picnic environment that is laden with all her favourites. If you use a professional company to organise the picnic, you have no worries about permits, and you can even include a videographer to capture that special moment when you go down on your knee.
  4. Romantic Dinner with Serenade – It might be that you regularly treat her to a romantic dinner for two, but this time, she will certainly get the surprise of her life. As you finish your main course and refill your glasses, out will pop a professional musician who will perform your choice of song and that is the signal to take out that special ring and pop the question.
  5. The James Bond Proposal – There’s a little bit of 007 in us all, and if you would like to wow your special lady, why not propose on London Bridge in true James Bond style? At the right moment, she will see individual letters held up that will spell those magic words “Will you marry me?”, and with a glass of champagne and a choice of speedboat or helicopter (007 wouldn’t do it any other way), you can get down on one knee and watch her reaction.

For this most special of occasions, it makes perfect sense to pull out all the stops, and as the years go by, whenever you ask her if she remembers that day, she will smile and tell you she could never forget.

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