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Know How Charles Whitman Made Infinium a Brand in Capital Management Market

Based in Chicago, Illinois Infinium Capital Management is considered as among the most consistent, world class wealth management companies in America. In 2002, the company was founded by the dynamic, young, self motivated asset manager Charles Whitman Infinium in partnership. Infinium is a cutting edge commercial enterprise that specializes on valuable electronic trading business while it has achieved a noteworthy footprint in American Capital market. With overseas business partners the enterprise is a major operator in asset management commodity products, derivatives and futures.

These financial instruments include currencies, bonds, securities and other products. To make a challenging and promising career in the booming capital management industry, after completion of his graduation degree Mr. Whitman worked as the portfolio executive in some Chicago based wealth management companies. His whole idea was to gain knowledge about the industry, its operational procedures and the overall global capital market.

In 2001, he met Mr. Johnson and planned to kick-start a joint venture with an idea to serve investors with money-making capital management solutions. His knowledge, incredible market reading ability and untiring efforts helped Charles Whitman Infinium to boost his enterprise as an authentic and dependable Wealth Management group in Chicago. The company which started its business journey merely with 7 people came out as an organization with more than 250 workforces. With a shining performance record and brilliant client base, in 2009 ICM group achieved 4th raking in Wealth management business industry.

In the beginning, CharlesWhitman Infinium worked for ICM as the group’s Chief Executive Officer and subsequently he became the Chairman of the company. He is also a well acknowledged investment advisor personality who has helped numerous people to get productive returns by investing in precious metals, grains and other commodities. He is a long time member at Chicago Board of Trade. Mr. Whitman introduced his own project Whitman Asset Management Company in 2013 which has already been established as an extremely successful endeavor from this legendary asset management personality.

Working differently from his ideas applied in Charles Whitman Infinium, in his new project Mr. Whitman introduced the most advanced Macro Tactical Asset Management techniques and approaches. Needless to say, before entering into this asset management venture, he worked for extended hours in research to find out the positive sides of Macro Strategic business approach in asset management. He also discussed the matter with many big company’s CEOs and portfolio managers where Macro idea based asset management has been proved beneficial for investors.

Charles F Whitman has affiliation with a series of stock exchanges and asset management societies. Some of these associations are Minneapolis Grain-Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade and Mercantile Association apart from Chicago’s Board of Options Exchange. For all proposed investors, he appeals that for enjoying best results out of their investments they should always go for the reputed money management companies. Mr. Whitman prefers attending asset management related conventions, seminars and meets while he never misses undergoing continuous education course to stay updated in Asset Management Industry.

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