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Interior Lighting: Feasible Tips for Lighting the Primary Household Areas

Interior Lighting: Feasible Tips for Lighting the Primary Household Areas

When considering the flow of ambiance, space, and mood in your home, the lighting can be a part of the most crucial factors. Brighter lights can help make you feel awake and alert, whereas softer, dimmer lights can be relaxing and sleep-inducing.

It is important to start with basics and layers to make it extravagant and functional because if you exert too much effort in putting all the layers together aimlessly, chances are, you will merely cause disorder to the lighting which is quite disruptive and annoying.

To correctly apply household lighting, you must always have layering concepts in mind. Whether you desire to generate light for a specific room or provide lighting for the entire household, then these are few suggestions you must keep in mind.

Living Room

The living room or family room is a particular area of your home where people regularly gather for several hours and engage in different kinds of activities such as watching TV shows, playing games, and several conversations.

Having the idea that those events take place in the living room, the importance of light layering is a must.

Lighting the Living Room

  • Task Lighting – Opting for the table and floor lamps are both a great method to provide lighting especially for specific activities like playing games, reading, and much more.
  • Make sure to place plugs in the wall or ceiling to give you the alternatives you need for access. Additionally, you can also opt for table lamps situated near a couch for reading or near the table for games.
  • Accent Lighting – Lighting in the family room features the structural component like a fireplace, plant, and much more. If the living room has lots of art displayed on the wall, then strip lighting will be your best lighting to showcase them.


The focus in this area of the household is the food preparation and cleaning. In some occasions, the kitchen also becomes a gathering spot which makes it an area that will need careful consideration of lighting.

Lighting the Kitchen

Mood lighting – A light fixture over your kitchen island and an attractive chandelier over the dining table from Deal Wiki are some of the many ways you can apply to add design to your kitchen space.

Task lighting – Nearly all activities in the kitchen happen in the stove or sink and providing illumination to these areas is needed. One of the main reasons why sinks are situated near the window is to make the most of the natural light which is still very popular among specialists in lighting.

Intensifying the natural light using a recessed fixture right above the sink or placing a ceiling mounted lights is also a great idea.

Shower Room

The shower room needs a thorough application of lighting arrangement because the area of the household emphasizes on grooming which means continuously gazing at oneself in a mirror.

Lighting the Shower Room

Vanity lighting Varying on the size and display of the vanity, the condition of the lighting may include putting wall sconces on either part of your mirror but not placing the other on top of each other. This practice is done because putting one over the other will cast shadows from your cheekbones down.

Shower lighting – Regularly, the combination of a shower and fan help illuminate the space for bathing and provides an exhaust for moisture. Some switches may be waterproof, but it is safer to have it placed just outside the shower entrance.

Decorative lighting – The special element of decorative lighting is that it produces visual sparkles to your shower room which makes it shine. You can use decorative lighting at best to accessorize your household as it helps bring out your household’s great image.

On the other hand, others may recommend installing a nice chandelier over your tub, but it would be safer not follow it because it is dangerous and somehow an offense to the building code.


Providing your household with lights is effortless indeed. However, without preparation, there is a great chance that you would end up disrupting the flow of your lighting. Make sure to thoroughly plan the appropriate lighting in the areas of your household.

Proper lighting is needed for the living room and the kitchen because both are known to be the busy areas of the house. Whereas in the shower room, proper lighting will be essential for grooming and safety purposes.

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