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Industrial Misting ascertains equipments running at optimum levels and a controlled environment

The misting concept emerged due to evaporative cooling. Actually this was used before the availability of air conditioning and even today it is used in homes, businesses and nurseries as a substitute to air conditioning.  However, misting was created for different purpose such that it created in outdoor environment the cooling effect.

Misting work

Water is forced using high pressure pump through high pressure tubing such that it is incorporated into a fan or is suspended or attached from a structure through a nozzle. The hole- size fitted in the misting nozzle is really very small as a hair strand. The water gets atomized as it runs at 60-70 bar pressure that it becomes micron size droplets and these droplets evaporate instantly as it comes into contact with dry, hot air resulting in air temperature cooling. This process takes place without residual or wetting moisture.

Industrial misting

Controlling odors and dust in big and small areas, in the industrial or commercial sectors is essential and this is done effectively only by industrial misting systems. The misting system is suitable for most industries such as cement plants, mines, metallurgical industries, tanneries, landfill sites, water purification, animal husbandry and also for composting.

Why industries require it

Cooling a big warehouse is expensive.  It will require cooling systems in an extensive range to reduce the temperature. The industrial misting is the right solution that also works as energy savers lowering your electrical consumption. Nowadays, there are custom designed misting systems available featuring quality components that allow:

  • You to regulate humidity, temperature and your warehouse dust, thereby ensuing to increase your profitability.
  • The misting systems installation in your industries will ensure a controlled and comfortable environment keeping your equipment running at optimum levels.
  • It also averts warping of the wood products.
  • Controls evaporation in wineries, green houses, textile operations and paper production.
  • Industrial Misting systems installed properly reduce static electricity and also prevent probably some dangerous explosion.

Many Applications

Misting systems are important contributing to the business establishment’s successes. This includes the agricultural to industrial and food sector. The misting systems are prominent for their outdoor cooling feature such as the garden, backyard patio or the pool. Fortunately, these systems are also helpful for business establishment having settings outdoor such that the businesses can operate smoothly without any hindrance even on the hottest days outside. This is possible because the outdoor environment is enhanced to exude the air of coolness. Thus, now misting system is not restricted only to cooling a business setting or a home patio, it is used in multiple applications that it includes livestock cooling, food preservation, dusty and humidity control, and lots more.

The common use is for greenhouses that use misting system to control humidity and temperature levels. The food industry uses it to maintain temperature at constant level so that it helps storing foods and keeping them fresh. In the industrial sites the misting system is installed such that it create a fine fog attracting dust particles and settles them down to the ground, thus prevents dust particles from moving freely or spreading in the air.

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