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Few Different Types Of Washing Machines Available

When you visit appliance showroom for selecting a washing machine then you may get totally confused looking at different varieties on display including Mitsubishi, LG, Whirlpool and many other brands lined up. You may not be able to decide which type of machine exactly suits to your family.  You should not blindly select any latest model for your washing needs. It may possibly not serve you as expected. Let’s get to know the different types of washing machines that are available in the market.  This can help you make a decision, which will be right and informed.

Free standing washing machine

Most of the washing machines are free standing type and not connected with any other appliances. They can be positioned in any place where there is an electric socket and water supply available.

You have freedom of placing such type of washing machine at any place that you feel convenient. You can even install these in the kitchen or bathroom or any other place, where there is sufficient space. Wherever you decide to place the washing machine, make sure that you have sufficient free space around the machine, so that vibration produced when the machine is running may not affect the surrounding items.

Integrated washing machine

You can get integrated type of washing machine. It helps to place such units in the kitchen cabinet. You may be a person, who wants to keep the whole kitchen outlay looking symmetrical.  It also means the washing machine will be concealed in the kitchen. Since this kind of machines are fully improved in respect to vibrations and noise, so you need not be concerned.

Such integrated types of washing machines are usually difficult to install and uninstall, when compared to free standing units. In order to install free standing washing machine you may not require any help from any technician whereas for installation of integrated washing machine you have to call a professional technician for proper installation.

If you need to move your house more frequently as you live in rental apartment then free standing washing machine can be the right choice for you.

Top loading machine

Most of the older versions of washing machines are top loading type. Top load styles are still available in the market because of their lower cost and few operational advantages it offers, particularly for those who suffer from back pains. However these types of machines will slowly wipe out from the market as many others new features are usually provided in the front load type of washing machines.

Front loading machine

Front door washing machines have come in the market from 2000 onwards. The doors are located in front side and there are number of benefits as compared to top loading type of washing machine.

Such machines can be stacked with any other appliances too as its top is free. If floor space is less. If you have large family than this type of washing machine is preferable. This type of machine washes clothes better and is more energy efficient than top loads.

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