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Factors to Consider When Dealing With A Work Injury

Chances are if you are injured at work, you are entitled to a worker’s compensation. It is in the state law that every employer should provide workers compensation insurance to their employees. Therefore, you must be aware of these so that you know how to protect your legal rights as an employee. These are factors to consider when dealing with a work injury.

Report the injury as soon as possible

If you’re injured in the workplace, it is advisable to let your employers know immediately. The same is true with instances wherein you don’t know you are hurt during the incident, and recently just found out about it. Constantly make regular follow-ups, as well as request a personal copy of the claim. It’s your employer’s duty to file a worker’s compensation claim to their insurance company.

See a doctor

Following the accident, it is imperative that you seek the immediate medical attention for your condition. Depending on the severity, have yourself checked and immediately proceed to the emergency room. However, if you’re not suffering from serious injuries, you can ask your employer first whether or not you should see a physician on your own or if they will they be the ones choosing one for you. However, if  you feel that you need to get a second opinion from another physician, you are free to do so. However, since a worker’s compensation insurance might be limited, you have to cover this expense on your own.

Make an incident report

You must be aware that other states give you only a short amount of time to report an accident to be able to qualify for the worker’s compensation insurance. Given these circumstances, you must submit a report as soon as you can.

Be detailed in your statement about the accident you were involved. Reporting what has precisely transpired during the accident might cause your employers to modify and make specific changes in the workplace making it safer for workers.

Workers compensation prohibit lawsuits

In the worker’s compensation law, most states order employers to secure work compensation insurances for their employees. However, in exchange, workers cannot sue the company for work injuries.

Furthermore, even if it’s the worker’s negligence that caused the injury to happen, it can still be properly compensated. There are a few instances where costs will not be covered such as using illegal drugs or under the influence of alcohol when the accident took place. Because of it, an employee still has to pass a drug test to qualify for the insurance claim.

Seeking legal counsel

It is your employer’s duty to protect the welfare and well-being of their respective employees while at work by imposing safety regulations and workplace health. To ensure this is appropriately carried out, the law protects an employee’s basic rights. At this point, if you are injured at the workplace, it is critical to talk to work injury lawyers who have valuable expertise in handling workers compensations claims here.

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