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Drug Crimes 101: What Are Drug Crimes And Why Are Drugs Dangerous

Drug Crimes 101: What Are Drug Crimes And Why Are Drugs Dangerous

Drugs can be any chemical that can significantly affect the brain and body. There are different types of drugs, and it can produce different effects as well. Some well known adverse effects are health consequences that can be permanent. Taking illegal drugs can also make a person commit drug-related crimes and offenses that are severe.

Therefore, you might ask, what are drug crimes and why are drugs dangerous?

Types of drug crimes

Both state and federal laws cover different drug crimes. In federal and state laws, a person can likely incur longer sentences for drug charges. The following are the typical types of drug crimes.

  1. rug paraphernalia

In a sense, paraphernalia refers to anything that is used to either inject, inhale, or prepare illegal drugs. Take note that selling, importing or exporting any drug equipment is against the law. The problem with these materials is that it can quickly pass for legal use because they’re very common. What are some types of drug paraphernalia?

  • syringes
  • rolling papers
  • bongs
  • pipes of a different variety
  1. Possession of drugs

Laws regarding illegal possession of drugs can vary from state to state. Although both federal and state laws strongly state that it’s a crime to possess any of these drug substances like cocaine, heroin or marijuana. There are two ways where a person can be charged for these, it’s either they use it for their use or with the intent to distribute. Usually, harsher penalties are implemented for drug distribution.

  1. Drug Trafficking

As stated earlier, distribution and drug trafficking have larger offenses than a simple drug possession because it involves dealing with large quantities of drugs. Another critical thing to take note is that police may also charge anyone appearing to possess massive amounts of drugs regardless if you will use it for distribution purposes or not. If proved guilty of drug trafficking, a person will spend roughly three years in prison depending on the charges.

  1. Drug manufacturing

The law can convict any person involved in the production phase involving illicit drugs. If convicted, a drug manufacturer can face hefty fines as well as jail time.

However, this isn’t always true when it comes to marijuana. Manufacturing or cultivating it can be allowed in some states on the premise that it will be used for medical and some exceptions for personal use.

  1. Drug dealing

Usually involved in selling drugs on a small scale basis. If caught selling at least 50 grams of marijuana, it can instantly send someone to jail up to five years with a hefty fine.

Why drugs are dangerous

Drugs can also cause accidents, unintentional injuries, domestic violence and physical abuse. It can also cause a variety of health problems such as weakened immune system, higher risk of infection, cardiovascular conditions, liver failure, stroke, and seizures. Furthermore, it also causes drug dependence or addiction and other behavioral problems and congenital disabilities.

Seeking legal help

Being convicted of a drug crime can cause severe repercussions including hefty fines and prison time. If you or you know someone who is found guilty due to a drug-related offense, it’s best to seek out a professional legal counsel here.

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