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David Baer Minnesota points the reasons as to why the University of Minnesota is preferred

David Baer Minnesota points the reasons as to why the University of Minnesota is preferred

With so many colleges to choose from, it certainly becomes very difficult to select the best college. When choosing a college, students usually focus on few things like the location of the institute, the courses that it offers and fees that it charges. The University of Minnesota is an outstanding place to earn undergraduate degree or even graduate degree.

David Baer Minnesota talks about how University of Minnesota differs from other colleges and universities

University of Minnesota is often preferred over other universities as it is a culturally diverse campus, offers a number of opportunities to the students and has an interesting and unique campus. In addition, education here is second to none as all the best academicians and professors are working in this university. Moreover, there are lots of great on-campus housing options that are reasonable and appropriate. David Baer Minnesota, being a student of the University says that the students here are incredible as they are always trying to improve, and achieve success easily.

Mentioned below are some of the reasons that explain why University of Minnesota is preferred:

  • The University of Minnesota at present is under a two-year tuition halt bill which means that higher education is now more reasonable for thousands of students. Also the non-resident tuition is not shockingly costly either. At present the fees here rank the cheapest out of all of the Big Ten so that is definitely a point to be here.
  • The view of Minneapolis that one gets to see from within The University of Minnesota campus awe-inspiring. The bridge here is magnificent and also the sun setting phenomena here is just superb. It is perhaps one of the best views of Minneapolis.
  • The University of Minnesota is known to be a highly competitive company to get into. As per the records it has been found that close to 45% students have been accepted by the university in the year 2015. The University has participated in instituting organ transplants and open-heart surgery. Moreover, the first bone marrow transplants as well as the open-heart surgery, pancreas, and kidney transplants have been done here. Discoveries that came out of the University comprise Ziagen, an anti-AIDS medication and black box aircraft data recorders.
  • As far as the size of the campus is considered, The University of Minnesota ranks fourth in the United States. Thus, it is one of the most spacious Universities with a lot of open space. One can take a ride on the campus connector to travel the campus on West bank across the Mississippi River to the main campus East Bank and then to the St. Paul campus.
  • The Weisman Art Museum is located at the heart of University of Minnesota campus. This museum is known to have rich collection of art and one can definitely spend hours here. The museum has gift shop, and it also hosts events. Students can visit the museum during the Saturdays or during the breaks between classes.

These are some of the reasons that explain why The University of Minnesota is so much preferred over other universities. David Baer Minnesota has been a student of the University of Minnesota and is an avid supporter of Minnesota Vikings.

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