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Some assessment factors to be considered by patients while availing kidney transplantation

The kidneys are among the most important organs of the body and are required for proper functioning, purifying and removing wastes. If the kidneys are found to stop working effectively, then it becomes crucial to visit the expert physician immediately. The patient is provided with the option of having a kidney transplant or dialysis. The latter ensures that waste products are eliminated from the body. However, function of kidneys is not replaced with dialysis procedure. If the person is found to be suffering from failing kidneys, then providing immediate and timely treatment is sure to delay or prevent complete kidney failure.

Kidney transplantation

In this method, the body removes continuously metabolism waste products along with excess fluid. The kidneys do help to produce natural hormone known as erythropoietin to prevent anaemia. This also assists in conversion of Vitamin D of food into active compound to help the bones to stay healthy and strong. Besides this, it also helps with excreting some toxic drugs. It also plays a significant role to help control blood pressure.

All the above functions are taken typically by kidneys. Through kidney transplantation, patients are offered better life quality when compared to dialysis. With low kidney transplant surgery cost in India, it is now possible to get the best possible treatment.

Getting assessment to avail kidney transplant

Several factors are to be taken into consideration prior to undergoing kidney transplant surgical procedure. The physician will refer the patient to this form of surgery only on having started dialysis or nearing this phase.

  • When getting assessment for transplantation, there is found no dependency upon ethnic background or age factor. It entirely depends upon the patient, if he is fit enough to undergo the operation and deal with the surgery’s after effects.
  • Few factors that are to be checked include chest conditions, heart disease, including other problems. Even special investigations get conducted for evaluating if the risk factors are les enough to permit transplantation procedure.
  • The specialists like the cardiologist, nephrologists, surgeons and the physicians will have thorough discussion to finalize the decision.
  • On being considered fit for undergoing the transplantation procedure, the specialists are likely to explain clearly the benefits and risks involved.
  • At times, there can be waiting list for the transplant.
  • Several tests will be conducted to evaluate if the patient had suffered certain virus infections.
  • Also will be asked if there are any close family, friends or others known who will be willing to become live donors.
  • Kidneys offered through live donor transplants do have the chance to survive long term when compared to those diseased donor transplantations.

Be it that a specific donor kidney is availed or not gets determined initially from the patient’s blood group. Getting two similar types of people can be quite difficult, since their genes are likely to be different. But a good match can be achieved to provide successful transplantation. The total time taken for completing this procedure is about 3 hours. Appropriate care is an obvious must after operation. Cost for kidney transplant in India is quite low, thus allowing people from all walks of life and across the globe to enjoy normal life.

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